The newly announced Azure VMware Solutions provides a common operating framework for running, managing and securing applications across VMware and Azure. Customers can use VMware vSphere, vSAN, NSX and vCenter as part of the arrangement. The goal of Azure VMware Solutions is to enable users to “extend and redeploy” VMware workloads natively on Azure, officials said. Support VMware workloads on Azure can be integrated with Azure Active Directory, Azure AI and IoT.

As you know, VMware and AWS successfully launched VMWare on AWS while ago, we have integrated our customers’ on-premises systems with AWS. Some of our customers are more Microsoft fans and they were asking whether VMware on Azure is going to be available. The answer is now yes.

Migrate your VMware virtualisation stack to Azure

For VMware workloads that are initially more challenging to migrate, use VMware virtualisation on Azure – a bare-metal solution that’s now in limited preview. This approach lets you run the full VMware stack on Azure co-located with other Azure services. And while doing this won’t deliver the cost savings and agility of cloud-native services, it will let you reuse your VMware operational skills and gain added flexibility. Contact your Microsoft sales representative to be considered for this preview.