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Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is built for small and medium sized businesses. Business in the 21st century is operating in a completely new reality. The innovative technology is rapidly changing the way enterprises function. In recent years, more workers… Continue Reading →

Rethinking Mobile Security?

We want to give you some numbers about Mobile Device Security. -Data Breaches 63% of confirmed data breaches involve weak, default, or stolen passwords. – Shadow IT More than 80% of employees admit to using non-approved software as a service… Continue Reading →


Microsoft has revealed that the next version of its standalone productivity software suite will be called Office 2019, and is expected to release next year. “Perpetual” is what Microsoft calls its standalone software package where Office can be installed on… Continue Reading →

Activating Windows Server 2016 Evaluation Edition

If you try to active evaluation edition Windows server 2016, I must a error message: This Edition cannot be upgraded. There is only one way to fix this issue: PowerShell

Why Migrating to Windows Server 2016?

With Windows Server 2016 now available almost a year, you may be wondering whether a migration to the new OS is the best move for your organization. Although migration may beĀ  costly but the upgrades to security and file sharing… Continue Reading →

How Azure Security Center detects threats

Security Center has detection algorithms and it is being updated if attackers release new and increasingly sophisticated exploits. This algorithm collects security information to be analyzed. After analyzing the information, algorithm prioritizes the security alert with recommendation.

Just In Time Access In Azure Security Center

Azure has recently enabled this feature. what is it? Attackers are usually targeting some management ports like, 22, 3389 and they have a change to access your environment if your Azure VM has a public IP address and all management… Continue Reading →

Enabling Azure Security Center

In the planning section, I wanted to share more information before enabling Security Center. However, I have decided to launch Security Center and show things I would like to show in planning article. If you have an Azure subscription, now… Continue Reading →

Azure Security Center – Planning

Planning part is also big security issue for many organization. The organizations usually enable the service and give everyone full access which every team member can do anything. Also, creating and applying policies must be considered in planning because wrong… Continue Reading →

Azure Security Center – Pricing

Azure Security Center, when we write this article, has two subscription, free and Standard. Also, you can experience standard subscription for 60 days. Let’s start with the explanation Security Center is offered in two tiers: The Free tier is automatically… Continue Reading →

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