With its new software, Dell EMC Data Domain on-premises restores are up to 2.5 times faster than prior versions.
Dell EMC has introduced new software for Data Domain and Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IPDA) products.
This few feature will improve backup and restore performance from anywhere from 2.5 times to four times the previous version.
Data Domain is a flagship of the backup market in the world. it offers backup, replication, cloud extensibility, compression, encryption and more.

Performance is the key feature Dell is touting with Data Domain OS 6.2 and IDPA 2.3 software. Dell says Data Domain on-premises restores are up to 2.5 times faster than prior versions, while data restoration from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud to an on-premises Data Domain appliance can be up to four times faster.
Good news is also there is a new free-space estimator tool for cloud tiering. that estimates how much capacity you may need from cloud provider.
Recommendation for mid-sized companies, Dell has increased the storage capacity of its entry-level DD3300 appliance for up to 32TB capacity in a 2U appliance, and has added support for 10GbitE networking and Fibre Channel links to a Virtual Tape Library.
Finally, Data Domain Virtual Edition (running on x86 servers or in the public cloud) has added support for AWS GovCloud, Azure Government Cloud, and Google Cloud Platform.
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